Nieuw Isala ziekenhuis in Zwolle op het 9th Design & Health World Congress, Brisbane 2013:

Finalist in de categorieen “grote ziekenhuizen” en “interieurontwerp”

Quote: Jan A. Golembiewski BFA, Barch, March, PhD:

The important features of Isala are the human scale and familiar yet interesting urban forms. If you read my work (such as “Determinism and desire: Some neurological processes in perceiving the design object.” International Journal of Design in Society 6: 23-36. (2013).) You’ll see how important it is to surprise people positively  – and I think Isala will do that (in fact, I witnessed it in the crowd). This psychological reaction ensures that the project will be well accepted and loved. It also is a powerful tool for the treatment of negative signs of psychosis and depression. Because there’s a psychosomatic element in any healing process, my educated guess the ‘delight’ that the building inspires will cut length of stay by 10-20%. Certainly if I had to stay somewhere it would be my choice.